Fort Dadhikar: A Fabulous Oasis in Rajasthan.

Set atop a hillock in the shadow of the Arravalis, the Dadhikar Fort overlooks a lush valley. Tucked away just 7 kilometres from Alwar city, it is nonetheless far away for its chaotic grip. Standing tall, the stone structure is quintessentially styled like a fort although it’s much smaller in size. With just 11 rooms and a dining area with 28 covers, Dadhikar Fort is the perfect quiet getaway. The rooms, while good enough in size and equipped with all essential amenities, are not too impressive. However, the view that they offer compensates for the lack of tasteful furnishing & decor. As of now the only activity is a walk around the village nearby.  However, the property has quite a few nook and corners besides a large terrace where guests can lounge and enjoy a warm summer afternoon or a beautiful bonfire setting in the evening.

Overview: A gem studded in a fantastic surroundings, we sincerely hope the management gives it a serious brushing. They have an entry ticket for non residents to visit the fort of rupees 100.


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