Introducing LGBT Tourism in India

The romance between India and gay tourists is growing and, cashing in on the interest, many Indian and international gay travel agencies are keenly pursuing the market by organising packages and special deals to cater to this niche segment.

In the same context, the national capital hosted the first Asian symposium on gay and lesbian tourism, attended by travel agents, agencies, hotels and airlines.”India is slowly but surely catching up on the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) travel radar as a preferred destination due to its culture, spirituality, awesome destinations and history.

The new packages would offer surrogacy tours, spiritual camps, weddings and honeymoon packages and a promise of an experience sans negative incidents that they face in conservative cultures. Customized packages that provide tours related to activities such as yoga, spiritual, Royal Rajasthan weddings, honeymoon or even surrogacy are going to be the attraction for gay tourists.

While weddings do not carry any legal status in India, gay visitors do it anyway to experience the traditional Indian wedding. The niche sector would provide services such as gay-friendly lodging, transfer and guides in a protected environment, in which they impart specific training to hotel staff, drivers and guides to act in the same courteous manner as they would to any other customer.


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