Nawal Sagar Palace, Bundi: The Majestic Royal Experience.

Nawal Sagar Palace is a 300 years old property that was restored into a heritage hotel later and got this name. The resplendent Nawal Sagar Palace is surrounded by lush Aravali Hills on three sides and is situated on the lake named Nawal Sagar and beneath the Bundi Palace. Currently, the Hotel has 10 Rooms with the expansion plans of more suits and lounge. The Rooms are big and classy with the Royal taste.

The Hotel provides three places to dine in style.  Garden Cafe -which is situated on the lake offering multi-cuisines and spirits along with the breathtaking and picturesque view of Lake and the majestic Bundi Palace.

Maharaja Restaurant – It was a Summer Room of Maharao, which now serves majestic ambiance and royal pampering to the  guests of the palace. Finely carved windows, beautiful flooring and ceiling designs are just a fabulous sight to behold at Maharaja Restaurant. Nevertheless, Rooftop provides you the majestic view of Bundi Palace while you enjoy your drinks.

Plan your stay with Nawal Sagar Palace and experience the grandeur of royal lifestyle yourself.



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