The Splendor of Heritage in Rajasthan

The real charm of traveling to Rajasthan is staying in some of the old palaces and havelis which now have been converted to hotels by the Government or the owners of the properties. These heritage hotels of Rajasthan still maintain the taste of bygone era and give the guests a lifestyle of the royal families of Rajasthan. Tastefully designed and decorates these heritage hotels of Rajasthan offers all basic facilities for the guests and the up category heritage hotels of Rajasthan offers ultra modern facilities combined with the old charm of the place.

Alsisar Haveli is one such renowned heritage hotel in Jaipur. It was converted from a royal residence to a hotel in 1994. Decorated impressively with beautiful gardens, marble fountains and antique furniture the hotel reflects grandeur and luxury of Rajput living in past era. Aesthetically restored interiors with intricate carvings and delicate medieval Rajasthani style motifs give its guests a flavor of regal splendor. The magnificent interiors and capturing architecture together creates a magical ambiance for travelers and offers a stay in traditional atmosphere with modern day amenities.


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