First census of Gangetic Dolphin to be held in Rajasthan

Shortage of water may have reached crisis proportions in Rajasthan, but it has not stopped Dolphins from making this desert state their home.

The first ever census of Gangetic dolphin- since it was declared the national aquatic animal of India – is about to start in Rajasthan. This breed of dolphin thrives in desert state, the waters of Chambal providing home to almost one third of the species in India.

The WWF-India will conduct a census from October05-07, 2012 to estimate a “minimum population status” of the dolphins in the stretch of Ganga in Rajasthan, UP and MP. The census will begin at National Gharial Chambal Sanctuary- Dholpur on October05.

The headcount could be a different and unique activity to watch for the tourists and visitors in Rajasthan. The beautiful sight of dolphins along with the other species like migratory birds, gharials, turtles and different water bodies would be  altogether an interesting experience in Dholpur state of Rajasthan.

Tourists and Visitors are welcome to Dholpur, Rajasthan!!


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