How to attend Jaipur Literature Festival

The “most awaited literary love-fest on the planet”, the DSC Jaipur Literature Festival, is all set to enthrall literary enthusiasts again from January 24-28, 2013. Know how you can attend the festival without any hassle …

Registration for the Festival is compulsory, and can be done on the Festival website (encouraged to avoid queues) or in person. Online registrations close on January 21, 2013. You can either register for General Entry or as a Delegate.

  • General Entry — provides free entry to all sessions at the Festival.
  • Delegates — provides full entry to the Festival, including lunch and dinner (unlimited buffet food and alcohol), and music events on per day basis. A special rate is available to those attending all five days of the Festival.

If you’re keen on meeting and socializing with authors and other important people, many of whom you’ll find at the lunches and dinners, you’ll need to become a Delegate. Otherwise, if you’re simply interested in attending the literary sessions, General Entry will be enough.

The nightly music events are ticketed for those who aren’t delegates. Tickets can be bought on line or at the venue.

Jaipur Literature Festival Sessions and Venues

The sessions at the Jaipur Literature Festival are spread out over a number of venues of varying sizes at Diggi Palace, with the largest being the Front Lawns. You can get a complimentary event program at the Festival. Details of sessions are also provided on the Festival’s website. There are two main ways of attending the sessions. You can either wander from session to session depending on what interests you, or plan the sessions you want to attend in advance.

Do note, however, that the venues have become extremely crowded. In order to get a seat you’ll have to arrive up to 30 minutes early, depending on how popular the session is.

Jaipur Literature Festival

What to Wear for the Jaipur Literature Festival

Dress is casual. Although days will be warm and sunny, the night time winter chill starts setting in around 5.30 p.m. It is cold, so make sure you bring Sunglasses, jackets and scarves.


If you need any help with your accommodation or transport,  feel free to contact us 🙂


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