Elephant Festival 2013 Programme Details

An incredibly entertaining and enthralling festival is held annually during Holi, which is scheduled for March26, 2013 at Rambagh Polo Ground in Jaipur (Rajasthan) where elephants are the centre of attraction. During this festival, Jaipur comes alive with elephants, dancers, musicians and and draws visitors from all over the world.

Check out the Programme Details of this Jumbo Beauty Pageant to be held in Jaipur!!

Elephant Festival (5)

Venue : Rambagh Polo Ground, Jaipur

Time : 4:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M

*Proposed* *Programme*

*Elephant Festival, Jaipur*

*26th  March, 2013*

Major Attractions :-

·       Elephant Procession

·       Gajshringar (Elephant Ornaments) Exhibition

·       Elephant Decoration Competition

·       Tug of war (Indian Tourists vs Foreign Tourists)

·       Holi on Elephants

·       Matka Race between Indian Tourists & Foreign Tourists

·       Performance by folk artists of Rajasthan

To know more about the celebration of Elephant Festival, you can follow this link…   https://travelplan1989.wordpress.com/2013/03/07/elephant-festival-the-jumbo-beauty-pageant-in-jaipur/



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