Sound & light show started at Akbari Quila, Ajmer

The seventh son-et-lumiere (sound and light show) was launched at the ‘AkbariQuila’, Ajmer, on April 12, making the state a leader in tourism ventures at historical monuments.

1 (Custom)

Visitors to Akbari Quila in Ajmer will get to enjoy a 45-minute sound and light show narrated by renowned lyricist Gulzar from Friday!

It’s when the musical extravaganza will take the audience to historic days portraying the valor of Rajput ruler Prithviraj Chauhan, the history of Mughal kings while in Ajmer, including the significant treaty signed by Jahangir and Sir Thomas Roe with the religious significance of Pushkar.

The duration of the Hindi version will be 42 minutes and the English version is expected to follow within three months,

A special song dedicated to Garib Nawaz, which has been written by Prasoon Joshi and sung by Sonu Nigam will be an added attraction of the show.

History of Akbari Quila-

Akbari Quila was built in1570 as a resting place for Emperor Akbar during his visits to Garib Nawaz in Ajmer. With Mumtaz Mahal delivering three of her children in Ajmer the fort was indeed second home to the Mughals, finally turning in to a Museum during the British reign and continuing till date.


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