Weekly summer special train from Darbhanga to Yesvantpur

To clear the extra rush of large number of passengers during the summer season 2013, Railways have decided to run weekly summer special train between Darbhanga and Yesvantpur for the convenience of the passengers.


 Train No.05289

Running schedule of the weekly summer special train 2013 from Darbhanga toYesvantpur : Train will leave Darbhanga at 16.15 hrs. on every Friday from 07/06/2013 to 28/06/2013 i.e., 07/06,14/06,21/06 and 28/06/2013(04 trips).Train will reach at Yesvantpur  at 20.55 hrs. on the third day (Sunday).

 Train No.05290 Running schedule of the weekly summer special train 2013 special train 2013 fromYesvantpur to Darbhanga : Train will leave Yesvantpur at 09.55 hrs. on every Monday from 10/06/2013 to 01/07/2013 i.e., 10/06,17/06,24/06 and 01/07/2013 (04 trips).Train will reach at Darbhanga at 14.15 hrs. on the third day (Wednesday).

Darbhanga- Yesvantpur –  Darbhanga   weekly summer  special train 2013 will stop at the following Stations : Samastipur Jn.,Barauni, PatnaJn., Danapur, Ara,Buxar,Mughalsarai Jn.,Mirzapur,Chheoki,Manikpur Jn., Satna,Katni Jn.,Jabalpur,Narsinghpur,Pipariya,Itarsi,Ghoradongir,Betul,Pandhurana,Nagpur, Sevagram,Chandrapur,Balharshah,Vijayawada Jn.,Gudur,Chennai Central,Katpadi Jn. and Jolarpettai Jn. stations in both the directions.

 Train will have Two AC – 2 – tier, three  AC – 3 –tier and thirteenSleeper Class coaches.


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