Matsya Festival – Alwar

With more and more festivals lined up in Rajasthan for the season, there’s one more popular fair that beckons tourists from across the world -The Matasya Festival, which is one of the important festivals of Alwar, Rajasthan. This popular festival is known for its cultural and social heritage, fairs and colorful customs. To experience the real values of the festival varieties of exhibitions, competitions, sports, folk music, songs and dances folk performances and shehnai recitals are performed during the festival.

The festival is celebrated for two days with utmost fun and enthusiasm. This year Matsya Festival is going to enthrall the locals and visitors on October 12 and 13, 2013. People from all over Rajasthan as well as outside come to attend this unique festival in Alwar.

You would find local women in traditional attire, folk artistes and police band. An exhibition on the archaeological heritage of the city, sightseeing tour, a one-hour slide show on the important monuments, trekking and a race of paddle boats would be major highlights of the festival. Don’t miss ….


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