Jaigarh Fort to be converted into museum

aigarh Fort

Built in 1726 – Jaigarh was designed to demonstrate the military prowess of Jaipur. In fact the Jaigarh Fort was one among the three massive forts that were constructed to bolster the security of the city.

The Jaigarh Fort impresses with its imposing battlements, stone towers and a thick crenellated wall that was near impregnable. Historians consider Jaigarh as one of the best-fortified military citadels in India. During medieval years the Jaigarh Fort was treated as the royal treasury.

The most enchanting feature of Jaigarh’s architecture is its water harvesting system. There are three underground tanks at the Jaigarh Fort and several channels for rainwater harvesting.

Located at a 15-kilometer drive from the Jaipur city, the Jaigarh Fort’s main treasure is the Jaivana – a massive military cannon built in the royal Jaipur foundry. Situated atop a sandstone hill, Jaigarh has thick stonewalls flanked by water moats making it almost impossible for enemy strikes.

Currently, only the royal armory at Jaigarh Fort has been converted into a museum. But soon the complete fort sparing some portions would be converted into museum.

jaigarh cannon

The museum at the Jaigarh Fort displays innumerable relics from the royal household, a fascinating collection of arms and ammunition that were used in royal Rajputana in the medieval ages, packs of cards, portraits of maharajas and objects d’ art, Cannon Jaivana etc!!


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