Lohri Festival in Rajasthan

Lo aa gai Lohri ve… Banaa lo Jodi ve…


As soon the Lohri festival nears this signature song from the Movie “Veer Zara” moons our mind and we immediately get drawn into colorful fantasies of bonfire, dance, music and what more??

Lohri is traditionally a Punjabi festival which is also celebrated in Rajasthan with dance, music and great enthusiasm. The festival marks the winter solstice and is the day of celebrations. Astronomically after Lohri, the length of days starts increasing as the sun begins to progress northwards. The festival is celebrated on 13th January and is closely associated with Makar Sankranti.

The festivities of Lohri observe kids visiting every house and singing Lohri songs. These Lohri folk songs are quite popular and have their own appeal, especially among the older people. It is a tradition to distribute sweets to these kids; in some cases people give money as well.

lohri sweets

Lohri is seen as a deep connection to the Punjabi culture. In Indian movies, whenever Punjabi culture is presented, Lohri remains a prime event for them. The festival though connected to Punjabi roots is seen to widen its presence and is celebrated with all the joy and fervor in Rajasthan. It’s a nice warm way to say good bye to the harsh winters of north India.

Lohri night is special for everyone as it brings cheer and happiness to all.


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