Jodhpur Flamenco and Gypsy Festival

Flamenco is a form of Spanish folk music and dance, which dates back to the 18th century. The dance derives its name from the Spanish word Flamenco, which can mean flamingo and flame- coloured. It comes from the beautiful region of Andalusia in southern Spain. Flamenco is a lively dance, which combines singing, guitar playing, dancing and handclaps. Flamenco has gained popularity drastically all over the world and is being taught in numerous countries.


For the first time ever, the Flamenco and Gypsy Festival will be held at the mesmerizing Mehrangarh Fort in the “blue city” of Jodhpur. This festival shall bring together the sweet sounds of Rajasthani folk music and the colourful art of Spanish Flamenco. This will be a first of its kind music festival that will explore the vast cultural ethnicity between the Rajasthani folk music and Spanish Flamenco dances.


It is a three- day festival featuring 18 international artists and 12 concerts. There will be three after-parties organized to keep the exhilaration flowing throughout the festival. JFGF will showcase a contemporary and modish view of the musical heritage of the gypsies in Rajasthan by creating a platform for them to collaborate with the Flamenco artists and develop a fusion of these remarkable forms of art.

So come witness world-renowned Rajasthani and Flamenco musicians display an array of magnificence in the field of dance and music!

When: 13th-15th March 2014

 Venue: Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur


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