Holi 2014

Holi, known as the festival of colours and sometimes known as the festival of love; is an exuberant festival filled with the joy and happiness.  People from all ages and sizes wear white kurtas and play with beautiful coloured powder.  Holi is the time of the year where everyone indulges into celebration and joy.


 Holi celebrations start with the Holika Bonfire, which happens a day prior to the celebrations. The word Holi comes from the name “Holika”, who was the wicked aunt of an evil king. On the day of Holika, a large bonfire is made throughout the country signifying the burning and destruction of the wicked aunt Holika.


The carnival of colours starts on the next day where everyone wakes up early in the morning ready to delve into a day of pure enjoyment.


Holi is a major festival for the Hindus in India. Everyone gets a holiday from work and spends time with their families. People come together to enjoy a day filled with extravagant colours, water fights, music and “Bhaang’”, an alcoholic concoction made in sweet milk. The festival of colours signifies the victory of good over evil, a day to laugh with friends and family and a day to forgive and forget.


Holi in Rajasthan has always been a royal affair. Royal courts have refined this festival into an art. The Rajput warriors of Rajasthan used to show of their equestrian skills on this particular day, they would ride their steeds into red clouds of colour.


 Holi has recently spread to many parts of Europe and North America because of its distinctive beauty as a festival. Holi has always been a festival of love, frolic and colours.Do not miss the celebrations this 16th and 17th of March 2014 and witness the whole nation bathe in beautiful colours of happiness.




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