Teej Festival 2014

The Teej festival is celebrated throughout Rajasthan and welcomes the coming of the monsoon season. The locals of Rajasthan celebrate the Teej festival immensely because the monsoons bring an end to the heat and are beneficial for the growth of crops, thus, providing a good season for rural farmers. The festival also symbolizes happiness in marriage because Teej commemorates on the day the Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva were reunited after a 100 years.



Celebrated by mostly women, the images and idols of Parvati or “Teej Mata” are decorated in colourful clothes and exquisite jewellery. These idols and images are then taken out in ceremonies lead by wonderfully decorated elephants, camels and chariots.



Young girls and women dress up in colourful attire and join these processions to catch a glimpse of the images of Parvati. Girls that are engaged to be married,  receive a numerous amount of gifts from their in-laws on this day such as dresses, henna, bangles and sweets.



When-30 Jul 2014-31 Jul 2014


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