Diwali, a Fascinating Festival Filled with Lights and Joy

When the winters chip in with their charming aura in India, it is time for the people to celebrate a widely known festival of lights, Diwali. It marks the demolition of evil and inception of a new hope.

The day of celebration depends on the stars and lunar calendar but it is usually celebrated around the months of October-November. This year, Diwali is to be celebrated on the 24th of October.


The zeal, effervescence and excitement among the locals is beyond imagination. Children start to gather around and portray their love for the festival by lighting crackers; women are engaged in making paintings on the floor (popularly known in India as “Rangolis”) and alighting the lamps (known as Deepak); men set off for a shopping spree as it is considered glorious to shop in the festival period.

Diwali is a wholesome festival that runs for five days with a new moon night being the main day of the celebration. Durga Pooja is a pivotal part of the festival and the family gathers to perform the rituals.

Diwali is a scintillating festival that is marked with fireworks, eating sweets and being joyful with the others. There is music, love, lights, joy and what not! Diwali is certainly the right time for people to arrive India and witness this carnival with naked eyes.  

Since Diwali is the start of a new year, Travel Plan wishes you a new year filled with happiness and joy.


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