Jaipur Literature Festival

Jaipur Literature Festival 2014

Started back in 2006, the Jaipur Literature Festival has been a guiding light for the budding writers as well as a showcase point for the established ones. This year, the Jaipur Literature Festival will be celebrated on the 21st of January and will last until 25th January.  JLF is a full pack of fun, knowledge and learning and you should not miss this year’s extravagant festival that will satiate everyone’s expectations.

This year, the attendants will have a glorious chance to have their piece published on the official blog of the Jaipur Literature Festival. It comes under the Annual writing competition of the festival which invites writers from all over the globe.


It holds up each year in the month of January where the creative minds gather under one roof to share their opinion and knowledge. The legacy of JLF is resounded in several parts of the world and without any doubts; it is one of the best literature festivals held around the world.


The event is carefully planned and crafted in order to match the mood of the audience. It takes place over a period of 3-4 days and each day, the audience is enlightened through the lectures given by the speakers. The speakers are usually writers but the festival is also attended by various celebrities including the likes of Kabir Bedi, Prasoon Pandey and several others.


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