Cultural evening in Jaipur “Raag Rang Roop”.

The beautiful folk festival “Raag Rang Roop” is being held at Badal Mahal behind Govind Dev Ji Temple next to Talkatora on a daily basis. The festival is enhance the rich heritage, art and craft of Jaipur. Please find below the details of the program. Badal Mahal itself is a beautiful palace which is not seen by many as  it has just opened recently. Festival is priced moderately at Rs.350 PP for adults & Rs.150 for students, also please feel free to share the details on social media.The festival is live till 15th Feb and starts every evening at 1800 hours  and  performances would change every week as follows:

17th to 23rd Jan’2015 – The Rhythm of Rajasthan

24th to 30th Jan’2015 – Algoza with Male Dancers & Terahtaali

31st Jan to 06th Feb’2015 –  Dharohar

07th to 15th Feb’2015 – The Manganiyar Traditions of Rajputana

brochure 2 brochure 1


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