A Trek at Sunrise

trekA trek at sunrise by Stylewanderers

With a shared love of adventure and discovering new places, not even hot Rajasthani summer can stop us! Recently, we decided to escape from the early morning hustle and bustle of Jaipur and enjoy some fresh air and breakfast with what we call, a VIEW.

After confirming our excursion through Travel Plan, we set off to explore Amer city on a little-known trek along Amer fort and the Araveli mountains. The trek started off like most, lovely photo ops and great shots of monkeys, elephants and the fort in the sunrise. After thinking we’d seen it all, to our surprise we were taken off the path and found ourselves walking up a hill through bushes and trees! Finally we reached our new path… a path once used by locals in the region for centuries, and virtually unknown to tourists.

We were told we were headed towards a “secret locale” on the hilltop where the incredible view would be worth every step in the blazing sun …coffee was also promised. Which is also a great motivator.
We were blown away by the incredible scenery along the way, but most of all the PEACE AND QUIET. For most of our hike, only the call of peacocks and sound of morning prayers broke the silence! India is a place full of traffic, horns, millions of people and never ending noise! Finding a secluded place and having some quiet time can be a rare thing.

With breakfast and coffee finally in sight, we mustered all of our energy and made it to the top! The view could only be described as breathtaking. Clear skies as far as the eye could see and the perfect view of Amer city and Fort. With coffee in hand, we each took a moment to appreciate the view and truly be in the moment before making the hike back down to the chaotic city below.


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