Things to do: Jaipur Cuisine Walk

We think a city can be judged by the food it serves you. Check out the recent ‘cuisine walk’ we organised for our client in her own words.

Even after three years of living in Jaipur and uncounted days spent in the pink city, there are still plenty of places I have never seen. Diwali holiday was the perfect moment to reach for a professional guide and explore what was still unknown to me. I had two options suggested by Travel Plan: Heritage Walk or Cuisine Walk. Follow your heart they say – cuisine walk it was then.

It was nice to feel a little bit like a tourist again and walk around with a camera, chat with the local shopkeepers and try the local delicasies. Always in a hurry, this time I stopped and simply enjoyed the entire hustle and bustle of the old city blended with the smell of spices and street food.

My guide, Mr. Umed, took me first to Chandpol Market to experience the evening atmosphere at the bazaar, where all kind of vegetables and fruits are brought straight from the villages surrounding Jaipur. What a lively place it is! Locals, goats and cows passing through the same tiny paths, shouting vendors and the immense power of colors and smells. A one of a kind experience.

Through the lanes of old city, I discovered step by step, the flavors of Rajasthan – huge bags filled with red chili, cumin, coriander, fennel, turmeric , fenugreek, all kind of lentils, chick peas and many more. I could see local sweets and fresh sugar cane juice being made, I even tried some jaggery (a traditional non-centrifugal cane sugar). It was also quite an experience to have a ‘masala chai’ at the tea stall which has been there for two generations and has more loyal customers than any modern coffee shop today. Even though all the western countries are overwhelmed by fast food chains, you still cannot beat the variety of the Indian street food. The choice is huge but my favorites will always be deep-fried kachoris, samosas and pakoras served with chutney. Forget the diet, have a cheat day, they are just absolutely delicious!

My Cuisine Walk ended up with a traditional high tea at a beautiful heritage haveli in the heart of the old city. The building dates back to 18th century and the family were such a delight and hospitable that i just did not want to leave.




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