“We are spirits in a material world… Join the World Sufi Spirit Festival at Nagaur and Jodhpur and experience the magic” – Sting

When: 22nd-24th February in Nagaur & 26th-28th February in Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Where: Ahhichatragarh Fort, Nagaur & Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

There is nowhere on earth like Jodhpur and Nagaur.  And when you combine these dual-city powerhouses with the musical extravaganza of Sufi Spirit, visitors can truly expect an experience of a lifetime. This iconic musical and theatrical extravaganza will take place in February hosting dozens of performances from across the world, including local Rajasthani ensembles. This festival will be seen celebrating the spirit of the Sufi traditions in Africa, India and parts of East Asia, in two of the most magnificent forts on Rajasthan’s itinerary.

Each of the iconic Rajasthani sites chosen for the World Sufi Spirit Festival 2016 are guaranteed to offer a spiritual and artistic experience unlike anything else on the planet. Adorned with thousands of candles and fragrant scents, the Mehrangarh and Ahhichatragarh forts have been carefully chosen according to their outstanding beauty and natural acoustics. Visitors to this iconic festival will have the chance to relax in comfortable surroundings and learn more about India and the East’s rich musical heritage – all the way from antiquity to contemporary traditions. There is every reason to believe that 2016 will actually surpass its predecessors – with more travelers embarking on Sufi’s magical journey than ever before.



Nagaur, with its aquatic palaces and rich history, has also been selected as the dual city in World Sufi Festival 2016. It is situated three hours north of Jodhpur, so can be easily reached by whatever type of transport suits your particular needs. When you’re talking about Nagaur, there is no better place to start than with Ahhichatragarh Fort. This beautiful venue dates back to the 4th century CE. In the Sufi Spirit Festival, Nagaur’s famous fort will take on renewed importance one again – and host an unforgettable range of musical and artistic treats. The World Sufi Festival 2016 will be held at Ahhichatragarh Fort from Monday 22nd February until Wednesday 24th February.


Towering over the city of Jodhpur, Mehrangarh Fort is the main venue for Sufi Spirit in this incredible city. The beautiful structure looks more like a wonder from the Grand Canyon than a citadel and has a breath-takingly stunning interior, filled with lush courtyards and intricately ornate temples. In the Sufi Spirit Festival, however, it is Chokelao Garden and Phool Mahal situated within the site that will be given prominent status. Here you can expect to enjoy some of the most enriching and diverse musical sounds across the world. All locked within this ancient and truly magnificent fort! The festivities will take place at Mehrangarh Fort between Friday 26th February and Sunday 28th February.

At Travel plan, we absolutely love this musical festival. So it’s no surprise that we offer a range of exceptional and exclusive accommodation options located in and around Rajasthan. And if you’re planning on experiencing Sufi Spirit in 2016, we are happy to organize every aspect of your travel needs – from travel to dining. Head to this one, for an experience which is rare, sacred and a little beyond the everyday!



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