Amphitheater at Nahargarh to get a facelift


The Nahargarh amphitheater is all set to see better days ahead. The department of archaeology has decided to develop and start the amphitheater at the Nahargarh fort soon. The number of tourists has been increasing at the fort and it has been observed that the visitors like to see the beauty of the city from atop the Nahargarh fort. Therefore the department of archaeology and museums has decided to run the amphitheater and other cultural activities which will increase the number of footfall of the tourists there.

Sources informed that the department is also planning to start some cultural activities at the Nahargarh Fort. Meanwhile the department has also decided to start a sound & light show at the fort in the coming days.The Nahargarh fort will be the third in the list of the heritage structures in Jaipur where such a show is being organized. Visitors traveling to the Amber fort and the city palace are already witnessing the show. The upcoming sound & light show, like the two others, will inform visitors about the history of the fort. A water walk is also going to be added to boost tourism.


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