Mount Abu Gears up for its Summer Festival

When: 20 – 21 May, 2016
Where: Mount Abu, Rajasthan


Despite the scorching heat of the desert land of Rajasthan, Mount Abu gears up for a chirpy peppy summer festival in the month of May. The festival starts on the auspicious day of Budh Poornima and aims to commemorate the onset of summer.

This three day long festival starts with a grand fashion with a ‘Mount Abu Carnival’ or a ceremonial procession commencing from the RTDC Hotel. People assemble at the Nakki Lake where a fascinating musical performance takes place post the procession which is followed by traditional folk music and dance performance like Ghoomar, Gair and Dhap. A host of renowned professional artists take part in the cultural event. The picture of the first day of the festival leaves an enchanting image in the eyes of the visitors and participants.

The second and third day of the festival seems more joyful and interesting because a good number of engaging activities and competition takes place among the people. Activities like Skating Race, Skater’s Show, CRPF Band Show, Tug of War, Horse Race, Boat Race, Panihari Matka Race and Deepdan are part of the 3 day event. People seem to immerse in amusing cultural- social sea of Mount Abu as these fun-filled activities add a charismatic appeal to the festival.

A stunning beginning promisingly leads to an exhilarating finale with a grand show of fireworks. On your visit to this sole hill station of the desert land, you are assured to feel the refreshing soothing vibes in the serenity of Nakki Lake and harmony of the steep mountain slopes. The rhythmic panoramic environment will leave some vibrant memories of this colorful event forever.


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