Ranthambore Tigers Get Numbers

When: 04 June, 2016

Where: Ranthambore, Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan

For more information, contact us at: communications@travelplanraj.com

16 Cubs, turned adults get their numbers.


Ranthambore Tiger Reserve has assigned numbers to 16 nameless tigers, many of whom are missing and/or have not been spotted for the past few months. Park authorities have assigned numbers to tigers that have turned adults and will soon carve out their territories in the forest. These 16 Tigers – most of them at least 2 years old, will be called T-76, T-77, T-78 and so on. The numbers are assigned on the basis of footage’s of these tigers captured by trap cameras.

The tigers were assigned numbers for the first time in the year 2009. Each number begins with the letter ‘T’. In the first lot T-1 to T-45 were assigned. The tigers were assigned numbers again in 2013 from T-46 to T-75. The new tigers have been assigned numbers from T-76 to T-91. In the absence of names, many guides and tourists who visit the park frequently have named the tigers on their own. Many names like ‘Arrowhead’, ‘Lightning’ & ‘Packman’ have become very popular among others.


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