Monsoon Safari in Sariska National Park!

When: 01 July, 2016

Where: Sariska National Park, Alwar, Rajasthan

For more information, contact us at:

pIn order to promote ecotourism, the officials in Sariska Tiger Reserve have initiate jungle safari in its buffer zone from July 01, 2016. It is indeed a good news for wildlife lovers as Sariska has come up with the safari’s during the monsoon’s, when most of the wildlife reserves in India close down. According to the authorities, the safaris will not focus on tiger sightings but to educate people about the richness of Sariska Forest. The reserve authorities have also registered 20 petrol vehicles and are in process of training nearly 30 nature guides who will assist in the buffer zone safaris.

While the core area is shut for next 3 months and will re-open on 01 October, 2016, the Sariska forest department has started safaris in the buffer zones where 3 new routes have been identified for the same and safari’s have begun since Friday, 01 July, 2016. On day one, 239 tourists visited these buffer zones. The tourists will be taken on the tour of Silisedh, Balakila and Dadikar forest area in Sariska’s buffer zone. The booking windows and tourists vehicles are available from three separate places including Silsedh, Pratapbandh and Bhakheda. Tourists shall be able to explore wildlife from sunrise to sunset.


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