Railway staff likely to start indefinite strike on July 11

When: 11 July, 2016

Where: New Delhi

For more information, contact us at: communication@travelplanraj.com


Central government employees, including members of the South Western Railway Mazdoor Union, will go on an indefinite strike from July 11, 2016 demanding implementation of the 7th Pay Commission recommendations and fulfillment of 10 other demands.The general secretary, SWRMU, said that workers have demanded a minimum wage of Rs 26,000 per month instead of the proposed Rs 17,000.

Two of the most significant issues that have triggered the strike are the inordinate delay in taking decisions on the Pay Commission recommendations and refusal of the government to bring back the old statutory defined benefit scheme of pension to all employees in place of the contributory pension scheme. They have opposed foreign direct investment in railways and no privatization as well as the labor law amendments. Another demand is to grant one rank, one pension to railway employees.

Further, a crucial staff side meeting will decide ‘Strike’ or ‘No Strike’ on 11th July today to decide the further course of action.


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