Now Delhi to Mumbai in just 12 hours!

When: 01 August, 2016

Where: New Delhi – Mumbai

For more information, contact us at:

The three-day ultimate trial run for high-speed Talgo trains between Delhi and Mumbai route will start today.


The trial run for for high-speed ‘Talgo’ trains between the Delhi-Mumbai route will begin today i.e 01 August, 2016. The trial run for Talgo trains will be carried out on August 01, 03 and 05, 2016. Spanish-made Talgo has become the fastest train in the country by clocking a speed of 180 km/hr by covering 84 km in 38 minutes in a trial conducted by Railways on Mathura-Palwal route, surpassing the record of ‘Gatimaan Express’. Talgo aims to connect the national capital, New Delhi, with the financial capital, Mumbai.

The high-speed Talgo train is expected to cut travel time between Delhi and Mumbai to 12 hours. The super fast Rajdhani Express train takes around 16 hours to complete the 1,384 km stretch between New Delhi and Mumbai. The Rajdhani Express has an average running speed of nearly 91 kilometer per hour. It can further attain a top speed of 130 kilometers per hour. Talgo train has 9 coaches consisting of two Executive Class cars, four Chair Cars, a cafeteria, a power car and a tail-end coach for staff and equipment. In addition to the high-speed, Talgo trains are lighter than the existing trains with Indian Railways and it may also helps in saving power bills as it consumes only 30 per cent of energy.


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