No Elephant Ride At Amber Fort During Navratra

When: 30 September – 11 October, 2016.
Where: Amber Fort, Jaipur
For more information, contact us at:

Elephant Ride to be closed from 30 September up till 11 October, 2016


Navaratri commences on the 01 October, 2016 this year. It’s nine days, 01-10 October,2016 – are dedicated to the nine forms of ‘Shakti’ (Mother Goddess). This is the most important of the Navaratris and is also called ‘Maha Navaratri’ (the Great Navaratri) and is celebrated in the first day of the bright fortnight of the lunar month of ‘Ashvin’. Also known as ‘Sharad Navaratri’, as it is celebrated during ‘Sharad’ or the beginning of winter.

While the elephant ride at the Amber Fort will remain closed during that period, starting a day earlier up till a day after the Navratra, i.e 30 September to 11 October, 2016 — an alternative ride at the elephant village will be available for tourists during the same.


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