Tatkal Safari Bookings Now Available At The Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

When: 01 October, 2016.
Where: Ranthambore National Park, Sawai Modhopur, Rajasthan
For more information, contact us at: communications@travelplanraj.com

The Ranthambhore Forest Department has started a TATKAL booking quota for Exclusive Jeep Safari’s in Zone 1-5 w.e.f 01 October, 2016


Impromptu travelers heading to the Ranthambore National Park will now not return disappointed for not being able to make it to the forest for tiger sightings. Extending the ‘Tatkal’ booking scheme facility, the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve (RTR) is initiating a facility for Tatkal booking for the much in demand, forest safaris. Given the number of hotels that have proliferated in Ranthambore, on several occasions, visitors have not been able to get a Gypsy for visiting the Tiger Reserve. Taking this into consideration the forest department has initiated a system of Tatkal booking. In this quota Gypsy’s would be available at on payment of a Tatkal fee besides the regular park safari fee.

Under this quota up to 20 Gypsy’s would be available to tackle the rush and holiday period and provide relief to visitors. Doing away with the traditional roster system in which guides were allotted turn by turn, now visitors would be able to take a nature guide of choice out of the registered nature guides without paying any additional fee. Under the several new initiatives in this tourist season, a new zone (Zone 11) is also being opened up to promote tourism in the adjoining Keladevi Sanctuary. Keeping in mind the time spent at the entrance gate, going through the verification formalities, new entry points will also be set up and for this purpose the zones are being partially realigned. With separate entry and exit points for Gypsy’s and Canters for zones 1, 4 and 5, the movement of tourism vehicles will be smooth and will also save time.

Besides, for serious wildlife enthusiasts, film makers and research scientists, provision of full day and half day safaris have been already been made and implemented earlier in April, 2016. In this scheme the forest department has cater to a maximum of 5 Gypsy’s, subject however to prevailing conditions of the Park. The forest department is also trying to provide an additional facility for visitors coming to RTR during holidays and the rush period. Add to that, for visitors planning a full day outing at the park without having to return to the hotel after the morning safari, day eco-shelter facilities would soon be developed particularly at Amli deh, Depura Bandha and Balas Chauki. The forest department is contemplating developing these under the Public Private Partnership, PPP model in collaboration with agencies specializing in hospitality services.

And that’s not all; Soorwal reservoir, 10 km from Sawai Madhopur would also be developed for bird watching for which local communities would be involved along with an expert consultant.


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