Diwali Celebrations by Travel Plan

When: 30 October, 2016.
What: Diwali Celebrations
Where: Kanota Fort, Jaipur
For more information, contact us at: communications@travelplanraj.com


The Royal Thali of Rajasthan
Thalis, or meals on a platter, have always been an integral part of the dining experience in Rajasthan. It is an absolute delight where you get to eat a little bit of everything from the best that the cuisine offers. From the exquisite spread of preparations, where vegetarian dishes are at par with the non-vegetarian fare, to the beautiful Rajasthani plates and brazen bowls it is served in – if you haven’t had a Rajasthani thali yet, it’s about time that you do! A traditional Rajasthani thali depicts a brilliant play of gourmet preparations on a plate of epic proportions. The meticulous arrangements of curries, pickles, special breads and desserts would delight one and all. Come and experience a traditional Rajasthani Thali with us this Diwali.


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