The Bundi Festival – 2016

When: 17 – 19 November, 2016.
What: Cultural Celebration
Where: Bundi, Rajasthan
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Bundi is a picturesque location in the Hadoti district of Rajasthan. The Bundi Utsav is not only a major festival in the state but also an important festival of India. The otherwise isolated town becomes a bustling one during the festival. Integral to the month of November, the Bundi festival is a spectacular mix of traditional art and craft. Bundi in the Hadoti region is a real slice of Indian past, slightly off the beaten track, it is located 39 km north-west of Kota in the south-east region of Rajasthan. A picturesque town, part of its appeal lies in fewer tourist crowds finding their way here. Tucked away in a gorge, River Chambal flows along side it. Bundi’s palace alone justifies a visit, a splendid piece of Rajput architecture that houses the famous ‘Chitrashala’ paintings that are unique to the region.


The town fully comes to life during the 3-day Bundi Festival, held every year in November. A cultural event complete with traditional music, folk dance, kabaddi, horse riding and camel races, fireworks, a mustache as well as a turban-tying competitions bring the streets alive and draws locals from surrounding villages. The evenings during the festival are lit with little clay lights to celebrate a small version of the festival of light (Diwali – the victory of light over darkness). During this ‘Deepdan’ ceremony, men light the candles for women who then carry them to the river and let them float with prayer and chants.


The fair organized by the Rajasthan State Tourism Department captivates every traveler with its majestic charms of traditional customs associated with the event in the district. The Bundi fair Rajasthan program include a Shobha Yatra or procession, ethnic sports, cultural programs, fold dance performances, and bridal attire competitions. Sparkling fireworks display is the highlight of the evening. For any traveler en route through the southern Rajasthan, Bundi is a great stopover even outside the festival dates, as it houses some of the most gorgeous architectural wonders of the world.


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