The Sacred Festival – Pushkar

When: 09 – 11 December, 2016.
What: A Festival of Music, Yoga & Meditation
Where: Pushkar, Rajasthan
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‘The Sacred Festival Pushkar – a festival of music, yoga and meditation’ celebrates the ethereal charm of Pushkar with a range of activities designed to immerse you in a soulful experience.


Imagine yourself at the Maha Aarti on the ghats of Pushkar against the pink hued winter evening sky as performances by renowned Sufi singers take center stage. The upcoming edition of “Shree Cement The Sacred Pushkar” festival, scheduled to take place on December 9, 10 and 11, promises to be a celebration of this ancient and holy city of Rajasthan. The Sacred Pushkar Festival with roots in openness and inclusiveness presents various traditions of music, meditation and yoga. This unique curation captures the essence of ancient Pushkar. The three-day festival will witness performances by Wadali Brothers, popular Sufi singer Daler Mehndi, Dhrupad singers Gundecha Brothers and The Soil — a capella group from South Africa, among others. Meditation sessions with Geshe Dorji Damdul, Director Tibet House, who spent 17 years as a translator of the Dalai Lama, and curated sessions of Tibetan Heart Yoga with Zachoeje Rinpoche will also take place during the festival.


Pushkar, textured with the myth and meditation is known for its rich cultural heritage. The Heritage Walk, significant to your `Sacred’ festival experience, is designed for you to experience Pushkar’s diverse religious, architectural, culinary and handicrafts’ heritage. So come forth and walk through the winding lanes of this colorful desert town; unveil its rich cultural legacy and be captivated by a delightful and deeply satisfying sacred experience.


The cultural spread of Pushkar comprises of over 500 temples and 52 ghats which express the hum of its sacred nature. The exquisite crafts and scrumptious delicacies add an artistic flavor in the town of Pushkar. The Sacred festival in Pushkar with enthralling performances will set the mood for the three-day fest against the magical backdrop of the lake. The audience will be spellbound by the blend of sufi, Rajasthani and Hindustani classical music. The Pushkar religious fair is witnessing unique synthesis of traditional Hindu, rituals with sufi melodies as besides aarti and “deep daans” one will be able to hear soulful sufi numbers being belted out by noted singers.