The Jaipur Literature Festival – 2017

When: 19-23 January, 2017
What: Jaipur Literature Festival
Where: Diggi Palace, Jaipur
For more information, contact us at:


The Jaipur Literature Festival is one of its kind of festival and is often described as the largest literary show in the world. In the five day event that is organized, observed and celebrated, authors and dignitaries from across the world and especially the South East Asian countries participate and engage with crowds on various issues and partake in readings, debates and discussions with them or with each other. The Festival is essentially an event of coming together of some of the world’s greatest minds, historians, humanitarians, sports people, business leaders and entertainers from all walks of life who share the stage and put forward their ideas and thoughts. In between the short events listed in the itinerary, various cultural events like musical gatherings, songs and dance performances and other celebrations are organized to keep the audience engaged and introduce them to various expressions of Indian folklore and culture.


The event will be held from 19 to 23 January, 2017 at Diggi Palace, Jaipur. Some of the Themes of ZEE JLF 2017 include Freedom to Dream: India @ 70, The Magna Carta, Translation and World Literature, Women and Marginalised Voices, Sanskrit, and Colonialism and the Legacy of the Raj. ZEE JLF offers an experience to mingle with authors, interact with industry players, relax in the Festival Delegate lounge and enjoy the live music concerts and Festival Fringe events. The Australian High Commissioner to India has also announce JLF Melbourne, a pop up edition of the Festival in February. The Melbourne Writers Festival joins forces with ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival to present JLF@Melbourne, featuring internationally acclaimed writers and thinkers from India and Australia.

The usual timings for the Jaipur Literature Festival are from 9.30 am-10 pm, including all the musical performances. Jaipur Literature Festival is a free un-ticketed event, but registration for the same is compulsory. However, the Evening Music Sessions at Clarks Amer are ticketed. However, for any change in the schedule or for more information you can check the festival’s website:


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