Camel Festival Bikaner – 2017

When: 14 – 15 January, 2017
What: Camel Festival
Where: Bikaner, Rajasthan
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Camel Festival in Bikaner is an annual festival dedicated to the ship of the desert. Organised by Rajasthan Tourism from 14 to 15 January, the celebrations include camel races, fur cutting design among many. The camels are beautifully bedecked and form a colorful spectacle. There’s plenty of scope for eating, souvenir-shopping and photography at this festival. Other sights to watch out for include folk dancers, fire dancers and the spectacular fireworks show that lights up the night sky above the fortified Desert City.


On 14 January: The festival will begin with Camel Rides and Camel Safaris for the tourists at the Gram Raisar at 8am. This will be followed by the Shobhayatrafrom Junagarh to Dr Karni Singh Stadium at 11.30am and an Inaugural Ceremony at the stadium. The ceremony will include performances by the Bagpiper Army Band and RAC Band. On the occasion competitions like Camel decoration, Camel Fur Cutting, Camel Dance, Miss Marwan and Mr. Bikana will also take place. The day will conclude with cultural performances by Rajasthani Artists.


Day 2 will begin with a Heritage Walk from Kote Gate to Bikaji Ki Tekri at 9.30am. At the Dr Karni Singh Stadium  the visitors will witness competitions like ‘Tug of war’ , Rural Wresting, Turban Tying (for Foreign Tourists) and  Camel dance, among others.  An Exhibition Match of Kabaddi will also take place.  Later in the day Earthen Pot Race and Musical Chair competitions for the females will also take place. This will be followed by the prize distribution ceremony, cultural performances by Rajasthani Artists. Visitors will be mesmerized with the electrifying Fire Dance performance. The Fireworks will mark an end of the fest.


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