Desert Festival, Jaisalmer – 2017

When: 08-10 February, 2017.
What: Cultural Festival
Where: Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
For more information, contact us at:


The Jaisalmer Desert Festival is held annually in the month of February, three days prior to the full moon. The festival is celebrated amidst the dunes of the Thar Desert – Romantic, remote and unspoiled, the location comes to life during the three day extravaganza of the delights of the desert.


The celebrations of this festival make the desert come alive. The festival commences with a procession in the morning from the Jaisalmer Fort to the Shahid Poonam Singh Stadium. The locals dress in traditional and bright costumes. They sing and dance depicting the tragedies and accomplishments of the desert. The Gair and the fire dance are highlights of the festival. The Kalabaz or the Nat’s are a group of local nomads who are popular for their gymnastic acts. The Bhopa’s Langhas and Manganiars create an enchanting environment with their poignant folk music recitals and ballads.


Be a spectator of rare competitions like camel polo and camel races. Gymnastic stunts on camel back and camel formation dancing are the crowning jewels of the festival. These competitions are followed by Camel tattoo, tug-of-war, turban tying, Mr. Desert competition and the longest moustache competition. A trip to the Sam sand dunes marks the end, where you will enjoy camel rides and brilliant performance by the folk artist under the full moon against the backdrop of picturesque dunes. The grand finale of the festival is the Rajasthani folk concert following an Air Force display, cricket match and parachuting. This festival end on Poornima (full moon day) in the Sam dunes with the gorgeous backdrop of the Jaisalmer Fort, creating a fairy-tale ambiance.


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