Cartist – An Automobile Art Festival

When: 12 – 16 April, 2017
What: Art Festival
Where: Jai Mahal Palace, Jaipur
For more information, contact us at:

A festival that brings together artists of various genres & styles with an aim to inspire young creative minds to foster their artistic pursuits.

A Mercedes 1960, that will be painted during the festival. 

The ongoing Art Festival, Cartist is the third edition of the festival that is being held at Jai Mahal Palace. With increased participation, this year the festival will be taking a step ahead in providing people a platform to learn, explore and create art. While the concept of merging automobile with art by painting cars is not new to Cartist, the uniqueness this year lies in the fact that vintage cars will be used to carry the legacy of automobile art. These cars will be painted live by some prominent artists of the country. It is noteworthy that such art on vintage cars will be done for the first time not just in Jaipur but the country, as well.

Art festival at Jai Mahal
The on-going art festival at Jai Mahal Palace, Jaipur. Image courtesy – Cartist. 

The idea behind this is to spread colors, break the stereotype to paint on canvas and giving the vintage cars a new look. In addition to this, solo art exhibitions, workshops on calligraphy, pottery, street art, wood art, clay modeling, tribal art, photography, among others will be held as well. Prominent artists from all over the country will also be taking several workshops and sessions on different forms of art. This will give one a chance to learn new skills while exploring art.

Metro Art Project by Cartist
Metro Art Project’s by Cartist

Unique art forms like Container art, Scooter Painting, Art Installations, Sculpture Painting, Heritage art, among others will also be demonstrated. Cartist works to preserve traditional art while touching it with the new air of modernity. It also aims to instill a feeling of sensitivity among the youth of Jaipur towards its rich culture and heritage.


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