Amber Fort Among Asia’s Top 20 Landmarks

When: 01 June, 2017
Where: Amber Fort, Jaipur
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Perched on a hill the historic fort of Amer, the ancestral capital of the city, is set in a picturesque background. The splendid Amer Fort was built in 1600 by Raja Man Singh, commander-in-chief of the Mughal army during Akbar’s reign and certainly one the greatest general of medieval India. Amer Fort boasts of an artistic grandeur and structural expertise. It is a reminiscent of the bravery and courage of the mighty Rajputs, who had played a remarkable role in the history of medieval India.

Ranked number 12 among Asia’s top landmarks in Traveller’s Choice Awards by a popular travel portal ‘Trip Advisor’, Amer has made it to the second spot after The Taj Mahal, Agra. Crowning the crest of a hill, Amer Fort offers a panoramic view of Maota Lake and the historic old town at the base of the hill, which was the early seat of the Amer kings before they made the fort their capital. Amer palace presents a curious blend of Muslim and Hindu architectural design. An aide memoir of the yester years, this palace is a redolent of creativeness of the artisans of ancient time.

Two major developments have taken place at the Amer fort in recent years. An old tunnel that connects Amer Fort with Jaigarh Fort is now opened for public viewing along with the electric cab facility along with the launch of night tourism. Besides, Elephant rides to the fort, sound & light shows and cultural evenings have always been a favorite among the visitors. Spectacularly set within surrounding rugged hills and dotted with majestic architecture, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Amer Fort is a must visit while in Jaipur.


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