Night tourism begins at ‘Vidyadhar Ka Bagh’ in Jaipur

When: 05 June, 2017
What: Night Tourism
Where: Vidhyadhar Bagh, Jaipur
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Image Courtesy – Rajasthan Patrika

In a bid to promote night tourism in Jaipur, one more name after the City Palace, Amer Fort and Albert Hall Museum has been added in the list of night tourism destinations. the 350 year old ‘Vidyadhar Ka Bagh’. Located at ‘Ghat Ki Guni’, the Vidyadhar garden is one of Jaipur’s best-preserved gardens. This picturesque garden is aesthetically designed and was built in the memory of Jaipur’s chief Architect, Vidyadhar Bhattacharya. Apart from the crystal waters, the tranquil lakes, flower beds and well-maintained gardens, the Vidyadhar Garden has a lot to offer.

Image Courtesy – Rajasthan Patrika

Nestled in the lap of a valley in Jaipur, the garden offers a panoramic view of the city. The expansive garden embraces artistic fountains, tiers of gardens, multiple galleries, char bagh style pavilions and a shimmering lake. Designed on the lines of ‘Shilpa Shastra’, the Vidyadhar garden displays ornate frescoes with murals of Lord Krishna, and mesmeric flower beds. The blend of Mughal and Rajput style of architecture evidently echoes from the landscape of this garden. The garden is a heaven for nature lovers. At night, the shimmering and dazzling beauty of these lit up fountains, murals and pavilions would be mind blowing to watch.

Image Courtesy – Rajasthan Patrika

Night tourism at Vidyadhar Ka Bagh, Jaipur began from 05 June, 2017. The 350-year-old garden enthralled tourists with a palace gleaming with lights. The entry fee for the same shall differ during the day and night. The park timings for night tourism will be from 07:00 pm to 9.30 pm. The archaeological department along with the tourism department are planning to throw open Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh for tourists from July 01, 2017 on-wards. The work on lights etc is currently under construction on at Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh. The state capital, Jaipur has become the first city in Rajasthan to take on the initiative of Night Tourism, setting examples for the rest.

Image Courtesy – Rajasthan Patrika

As part of the ‘Jaipur Night Tourism’ project, Rajasthan government will also illuminate ‘Chaura Rasta’ and ‘Hawa Mahal’ by October 2017. In the second phase, the focus will be on Tripolia bazaar, Chhoti Chaupad & Johari Bazaar. The government has set targets for this project for 15th August, 2018. Attempts will be made to clean the bazaar. Additionally the authorities will keep stray animals at bay so that tourists can freely explore the city area on foot.


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