Ganganagar expands airstrip to connect with Jaipur, Delhi

When: 01 July, 2017
Where: Ganganagar, Rajasthan
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Rajasthan’s Ganaganagar city is all set to expand its airstrip to facilitate intra-state air services connecting the district with Jaipur and Delhi. A proposal to this effect has been prepared and would be submitted to the civil aviation department soon. There is already an airstrip at Lalgarh and district administration plans to expand it both ways for landing of commercial flights.

The current airstrip at Lalgarh has a length of only 1,300 meters on which only small planes can land. For landing of commercial flights, the airstrip should be at least 1,600 meters. So, district administration plans to expand it on eastern and western directions. Expanding 300 meters in both directions would be sufficient. The air services should be operational by 2018. The first flight of an intra-state air service from Jaipur to Udaipur via Jodhpur was launched on 04 October, 2016. The Government has tied up with Supreme Transport Organisation Pvt Ltd., to operate air services between different cities in the state. Several locations of world-class tourism, religious, historical and heritage importance would benefit by these air operations.



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